A Fitness Coach Explains How Exercising At Home Can Be As Good As A Gym

Business Insider spoke to Roger Frampton, a movement coach and author of ” The Flexible Body”.

Frampton explained how you can do an effective body-weight exercise at home using furniture or other surfaces.

He added that stretching and regaining your mobility shouldn’t be limited to the gym.

“I look around my house, I see my sofa; for me, that’s like parallel bars. I see a chair; what balances can I do on a chair? Can I stretch my legs on a chair? I look around the house, I go into the kitchen and I see all these different heights.

So the way I’m viewing things around the house is I’m going: “How can I use this?” Because the reason is, the number one tool for training is your body. That’s all you really need.”

Watch the video to hear the full interview.


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