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Está cada vez mais difícil ter uma boa noite de sono, não é? E os efeitos disso são mais sérios do que você imagina! 😴⚠

Leptin Levels Are Dependent on Sleep Duration: Relationships with Sympathovagal Balance, Carbohydrate Regulation, Cortisol, and Thyrotropin

Sleep Loss Results in an Elevation of Cortisol Levels the Next Evening

One night of sleep loss impairs innovative thinking and flexible decision making.

1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep
High-Intensity Interval Training Attenuates Insulin Resistance Induced by Sleep Deprivation in Healthy Males.

Sleep, sport, and the brain.

Elevated ghrelin predicts food intake during experimental sleep restriction.
Pesquisa Nacional de Saúde – IBGE

Resistance exercise: a non-pharmacological strategy to minimize or reverse sleep deprivation-induced muscle atrophy.

Stress, eating and the reward system.

Perca peso de uma forma inteligente com a Estratégia AF em 👉

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