STEVE CARDILLO (@cardilloweightbelts) – has been involved in fitness since he was a very young boy. Before creating Cardillo Weight Belts, Steve was a high school Physical Education teacher. He has always been involved in educating people about the proper ways to train and achieve the best results from working out. This includes training, diet and all-around well-being. He has released his first book, “How a Champion is Made,” which chronicles the weight training regime of his nephew, Peter Morel. This book is geared towards getting teenagers on the right path as young adults.

► Coordinates, designs and distributes various weight lifting belts and other support devices for Bashlin Industries.
► Involved in extensive research and development of training techniques and nutritional programs for power lifters, world-class boxers and other strength-related athletes.
►Designed, modeled and distributed own line of sports and casual wear – specifically developed for athletic builds.
►Won the 1986 National Drug-Free Power Lifting Championship
►Designed and manufactured the Reebok Instapump Weight Lifting Belt in 1992.

► Sport Motivation:
► Workout, Calisthenics:
► Bodybuilding & Fitness:

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