The fitness project 2018 – Week 10 – Summer drinks for different time of the day

Through the last few weeks, we have been trying to expand the conversation about health and fitness beyond numbers, labels and food groups and we will take it one step further this week.

One of the things we would traditionally do is change what we eat or drink as per the season. As we now enter the summer season, you will notice that you either get lethargic, sick or fully acidic during this time. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. There are easy ways to ensure we stay at optimum health during summers, and this is the guideline for this week.

Week 10 guideline – Summer drinks for different times of the day.

Here are the options –

1. Nariyal pani – mid morning. Preferably before noon.

Helps keep the acidity and acne down. And if you get enlarged pores at this time of the year, add a small tsp of sabja seeds to your nariyal pani.

2. Chaas – Just after lunch.

Other than being a good source of B12, this coolant will ensure that you are not bloated in the second half of the day.

3. Nimbu sherbet– with early evening snack.

Add salt, sugar, jeera and black pepper to your nimbu pani. There are many alternatives also – kesudo, vaala, kokum, variyali, bel sherbet. Body’s natural AC, these micro-nutrient rich sherbets won’t let you drop on your electrolytes or water soluble vitamins, especially important if you are a BP patient. Our grandmoms spent centuries fine tuning these recipes, its our turn now to honour them and keep our cool.

4. Kulith (horsegram) – at dinner.

If you feel you have lost your appetite or feel low on energy or are simply feeling too gassy, this is what you need. Either make a dal out of it and eat it with rice, or turn it into a pithla (like a soup) with dahi and just have that for dinner instead (every culture has a recipe for that). You will not just sleep better but also wake up with your skin feeling fresher and tummy flatter. Blame it on the folic acid and mineral rich Kulith, the super pulse of India. Also, very good option for those with diabetes or weak digestion.

Benefits of these traditional summer drinks –

– Help reduce acidity and get rid of bloating.
– Promote growth of healthy bacteria and nurture intestinal mucosa
– Give a smooth, flawless complexion
– Prevent UTI and fevers
– Relief from chronic body aches and pains

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